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SURA Coastal Ocean Observation and Prediction program (SCOOP)

SCOOP - Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita: These disastrous 2005 storms alone illustrate the need for the SURA Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction program (SCOOP), proposed by the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA). SCOOP will be “a distributed system for predicting and visualizing the coastal response to extreme atmospheric events, including the damaging and catastrophic effects of storm surge, inundation and wind waves” for the southeastern coastal region of the United States. Guy Almes, Director of the Academy and researcher Gerald Creager are members of the team that has proposed and is developing SCOOP. Focusing on distributed resources and service-oriented architecture, SCOOP is seeking to create an enhanced environment in which to perform coastal science by providing access to large computing and storage resources, as well as visualization capabilities.










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