Interdisciplinary Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Research 

The Academy’s scientists are committed to strengthening interdisciplinary research and learning at Texas A&M University by providing and exploiting advanced computing, data, networking, visualization, and applications. As an interdisciplinary bridge between theoretical work and high-performance applications, the Academy provides leadership and exceptional expertise in communications technology, networking and cyberinfrastructure on behalf of Texas researchers and the state’s higher education community.

Key Initiatives


Operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with Internet2, ITEC’s focus is Real Time Communications. ITEC began by working on emergency communications projects, but has since evolved into one of the world’s premier academic research centers for advanced telecommunications.

Brazos Cluster

Brazos, a major computing cluster at Texas A&M University, is designed to meet the high-throughput computing needs of A&M’s computational scientists and engineers. Though capable of executing modest MPI applications, Brazos is optimized for handling large numbers of single-node computations.

At the Academy, we work to connect researchers and subject matter experts from Texas A&M and around the world with the resources and expertise needed to advance both scientific theory and the application of technology.